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What's in your


Where it all started

In 1950, the first credit card was released. It was called The Diners’ Club Card*, and for a $3 annual fee it allowed members to cashlessly access restaurants and hotels in New York City. In the first year 10,000 people joined the program.

*The Miners’ Club has no affiliation with Diners’ Club, or any financial institution, the name is used for informational purposes only and implies no endorsement by or for Diners’ Club or its affiliates.

The Competition

Competitors followed, endlessly looking for new ways to entice customers. Advertising programmed generations to believe credit cards meant freedom, promising a utopian future of glorious meals, luxury travel, and cash-back rewards.

Centralized Power

Since then, the financial industry has used its centralized power to monopolize the credit and lending markets, charging insane rates on home mortgages, credit card interest, and loans.

Global Collapse

Years of fraud, excess, and greed by the very institutions entrusted with safeguarding generations worth of wealth led to a global collapse that cost jobs, homes, pensions, retirement savings and nearly brought down the global financial system.

The new era of
Decentralized Finance

Now, in 2021, thanks to Blockchain technology and the development of web3, we have entered the dawn of a new era of Decentralized Finance.

The world of Crypto, Blockchain & NFTs allows communities to come together, take back control from the centralized banking industry, and put their assets to work in ways previously reserved only for those deemed worthy of joining Wall Street’s club.

In DeFiance of traditional finance & in celebration of the projects that have brought blockchain into the mainstream, the Brooklyn NY-based 5tudio9 invites you to join The Miners’ Club.


TMC features 36 micro-collections; crypto-themed designs reimagining the brands that define the last 70 years of the credit industry. Each Miners’ Club NFT is your Mint-Pass and Membership Key to Events, Airdrops and more! For more info on The Miners’ Club visit The Miners’ Club Discord now!

The Miners' Club Rarities

Your key to the club is Hodling one of the 4,444-piece manually-generated Miners’ Club Card NFTs. The Miners’ Club will offer perks, prizes, and privileges to Hodlers, spanning both the metaverse and the real world.
The Miners’ Club collection features 36 card types with increasing rarity, ranging from the Etha Classic Card down to the Original Miners’ Club Card. Each card has one of 35 color or 35 image backgrounds, again with decreasing availability.

Names, Member and Expiration Dates all have 35 increasingly rare variations, with the rarest member-since dates starting in 1950, and the scarcest expiration dates stretching to 2200. Rare Ethereum Chips and other special features elevate select card scores, with roughly 1% carrying the sought-after Blue Chip.

5TUDIO9 Team


Artist, Author Operations/Marketing Hospitality & Events


CPA, Fraud Examiner Filings/Regulatory Oversight


Attorney Contracts/Partnership Development


Director Partnerships/Events


Entertainment/Product Development



Join the club today!

Membership has its benefits

The 5tudio9 team consists of a diverse group of like-minded artists, nightlife & finance professionals who came together behind the belief that the future of art, entertainment, and finance lies in the world of web3 and NFTs.

The Miners’ Club roadmap calls for the development of a 24/7/365 Luxury Concierge Service for Cardhodlers in partnership with the biggest and best venues in America and abroad. Together, the Miners’ Club founders possess over 75 years experience in the nightlife industry, running the world’s largest venues in NYC, Las Vegas and Southern California. 5tudio9 will leverage these relationships to deliver irl access to Hotels, Nightclubs and Events around the globe. Hotel partnerships, and of course Collabs with the biggest PFP collections will be pursued next.

5tudio9 is dedicated to providing value to Hodlers, therefore 2% of all secondary sales will go directly towards rewards. Additionally, Cardhodlers will enjoy whitelist access for all future 5tudio9 releases, free airdrops, wallet-access to private Discord channels, exclusive event tickets, custom merchandise & much more. There is so much that we can do together as a community. From DeFi to Art, Entertainment to Nightlife, Collecting to Networking, The Miners’ Club invites you to help take back control from the Financial Industry monoliths. We can’t wait for you to join us in The Miners’ Club! See you inside!

Enjoy whitelist access for all future 5tudio 9 releases, airdrops, wallet-access to exclusive tickets and events, custom merchandise & more.

Miners’ Club Cards are not Credit Cards, and owning one does not extend credit, capital or guarantee any return on your purchase. Certain statements that we make may constitute “forward-looking statements.” Forward-looking statements include information concerning future strategic objectives, and business prospects. Forward-looking statements are not guarantees, and they involve risks, uncertainties and assumptions. Although we make such statements based on assumptions that we believe to be reasonable, there can be no assurance that actual results will not differ materially from those expressed in the forward-looking statements. We caution collectors not to rely unduly on any forward-looking statements and urge you to carefully consider the risks when purchasing. We expressly disclaim any obligation to update any forward-looking statement in the event it later turns out to be inaccurate, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise. TMC expressly states that rewards do not constitute passive income, and the NFTs do not qualify as a security. - TMC Legal and Finance teams

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